The word "unique" is probably overused. In the case of Natalie Oden, it is justified. Natalie has a timeless look that transcends genres. No matter what she is wearing, be it a high-fashion with a big bold hat, or a simple peasant look, she makes it work...makes it legit..makes it pop.

As a photographer, I appreciate her authentic expressions and poses, and the quiet manner in which she does her work. When I first met and photographed Natalie, I was not aware that she was autistic. During the shoot I noticed her behavior was different. She did not say much, in fact, only responded to my questions and direction, never engaging in conversation. I saw her as introverted, and maybe even not happy with the way the shoot was going. After that shoot was finished, I mentioned this to her father, Charles. It was then that I learned she was autistic, and the behavior that I observed was common. Now knowing this, and looking at the work that Natalie has done with me and other photographers, I am even more impressed by what she is able to do as a model. When shooting with Natalie I know that magic is always just around the corner, and I better be ready to capture it.

As a fellow human being, I appreciate Natlie's sweetness, innocence, and dignity. It is always a pleasure working with her, and I am grateful to be able to call her my friend and muse.

Jack Houser, Photographer

Colors of LoveI met Natalie though Vaiva Tuckuviene, a Mother agent and modeling coach, after we had discussed a short film that I directed about a painter with autism. Vaiva was very excited about Natalie and her dedication to becoming a model. So we set up a meeting with Natalie and her Dad. Upon meeting them, I quickly recognized that this girl was very special. When I asked her about what her goals in life were, her response resonated deeply with me. Her goal was to inspire others to fulfill their goals regardless of whatever challenges they faced in life. What an amazing mission.! As I got to know her better, it was clear this girl was determined. She has an incredible support system in her family. Two parents that are instrumental in her success while also supporting two twin sisters with autism.

Natalie has forged relationships with many photographers that have graced her pictures on the cover of important magazines and various international ones also. She has been in several fashion shows and has handled herself with poise and grace.
Most Importantly, she does it with a never ending smile and complete attention to detail. I have been fortunate to photograph her and I can tell you she is one of the most pleasant models to work with.

I look forward to what she will accomplish in the future.

Sal Tassone, Producer & director of Zen Master Films Production

Since the first day at the modeling workshops I knew that Natalie Oden will be reaching a big modeling success.

I was and I'm very impressed with her persistence and faith in everything what she does....She is very passionate in modeling. Modeling became for Natalie one of the best therapy...she started to shin as a little star in this beautiful field...I'm very happy to have Natalie as a one of Vaiva models! She's not just a very talented model, but the most important she has a very beautiful personality....Her personality and passion for modeling is one of the main key of her success...I'm very happy that she brings to other kids with autism Hope and Love...


Vaiva Tuckuviene, Vaiva Models, Vaiva Style